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Top 5 Human Resources Salesforce Applications

Human Resource is an integral department of every organization that manages people. Recruiting the skilled professionals, looking into their training needs and various other related parameters are all part of the role of the Human Resource department.  There is no doubt that it becomes difficult to manage the database containing employees’ information with regard to the organization’s needs.

It is important to manage this database in order to make informed timely decisions so that a balance approach can be maintained in the growth of the company and its employees. Whether you are talking about the recruiting of an employee or the growth of the company, HR professionals need to be very accurate in maintaining these records and the decisions made based on these records.

So, to help HR make processes simple and easy, there are a number of Human Resource Sales force applications that can be leveraged to maximize their data and decisions based on their data.

1. Job science | Staffing

Job science is a superb application that contains an all-in-one system for staffing firms. It is used to drive growth with a 360 degree view, helping you to know the health of revenue pipe, anytime, anywhere. It is deployed and used for staffing by search firms more than any other product on force.com. Use this cloud-based staffing automation application to eliminate the fruitless tasks so that your organization can focus predominantly on revenue generating aspect, giving you competitive edge simultaneously.

2. Talent Rover

Talent Rover offers front to back office solutions featuring CRM, HRIS, ATS, databases, reports, dashboards, mobility and many more. Indeed, it is the best solution to address the needs of recruiting, administration and the sales team. It enables you to focus on sales, reporting, recruiting and making placements.

3. Cornerstone for Salesforce

Be ready to revolutionize the way organizations delivers learning with the help of this superb application. It drives actionable insights. Companies can now use this easy to use tool to prepare internal and external users for training and development.

Custom learning experience can be created both for authenticated as well as unauthenticated users. It is the only fully functional Learning Management System on Salesforce platform. A must have for training purposes.

4. TargetRecruit

TargetRecruit is a leading solution for staffing companies that are empowered to manage recruiting, hiring, sales, marketing, accounting and social media with the help of a centralized and customizable system. So, you don’t only simplify hiring with Target Recruit, but you also enjoy various other aspects, such as job board and social media integration, time sheet and accounting integration, etc.

5. Fairsail Human Capital Management

Fairsail is a comprehensive global HR application that looks into talent management, performance management, and personal development planning, skills and competencies and employees record management. So, track milestones and manage objective data and performance against targets.

The remarkable feature of performance reviews is to help in controlled standardized review processes, thus making reviewing consistent across the entire organization. This application helps you track the skills and design in talent plan and then, carry out competency assessment and development plans.

Get your HR processes automated, leveraging these applications and give a competitive edge to your organization. Feel free to share which one is your favorite.