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Top 5 “Admin and Developer Tools” Salesforce Applications

IT and Administration is an important business wing that looks into the needs of employees to help them have enhanced productivity. Like every other department in an organization, it is one of the supportive departments that manage various tasks requiring manual labour.

In order to automate such tasks of data integration, data synchronization, etc and to make them easier and simpler, the designers have turned up with varied applications that could be useful in numerous of ways. These applications track the processes and simplify the things to improve upon the business functionalities.

Let’s discuss few of the best Admin and Developer Tools that have gained good popularity and are deemed to be lot helpful.

1. Informatica Cloud Integration for Salesforce
This application integrates Salesforce with on-premise and ERP applications, social sources and database files, helping people to easily carry out load, migrate, replicate, sync data on demand. Informatica is a creative application that is designed to meet the data integration needs of all users, such as data synchronization, data replication and data quality assessment. These data processes are carried out at clicks of mouse.

2. DemandTools – Data quality power toolset
DemandTools is Salesforce data quality power tool set that is used by more than 5000 admins globally. Indeed, this application is also called administrator productivity, as it carries out duplicate removal, mass load, dedupe, manipulate or verify appexchange data. With the feature of easy and speedy installation, administrator can now use this smart application for managing mass data without requiring import/export.

3. Jitterbit Data Loader for Salesforce
This application is a FREE data migration tool to help Salesforce administrators to speedily automate the import and export of data between databases and Salesforce. Taking advantage of advanced functionalities, administrators use tools to schedule, automate, manage and monitor databases, reducing time and efforts dramatically. Hence, easily automate the import and export of critical business data from Salesforce CRM, with the help of this superb application.

4. Apsona for Salesforce
Apsona is simple, easy and reliable application that allows speedy data entry through highly responsive user-interface, along with superb feature of multi-object search and reporting. Mass update of filtered data, quick and easy data export, mass email, built in import, trend analysis with real time reports, mass add-on campaigns, etc are possible in just few clicks. So, enjoy improved productivity with the help of this easy to use application.

5. AddressTools Free V4
This unique and smart application allows users to auto complete country and state names in Salesforce address fields. Administrators now need not have to clean existing data before implementing, but could enjoy easy validation features. The validation of entered values is done against ISO standards. So, enjoy easy validation, standardization and correction of address fields on pay-per look-up basis.

Everyone wants data to be synchronized for easy reporting and these application are meant to do just that. Why to take pains, when it can be done just with clicks? Get these applications and enjoy easy functionality through administrator tools. Manage, automate, schedule and monitor data for informed decisions.