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Types of Email Preference Center – Dos and Don’ts of Subscription Centers

In a previous blog post, we talked about what an email preference center is, how it functions and its various benefits. An email preference center or subscription center can significantly augment your email deliverability, engagement and conversion. Here we’ll walk through different types of email preference centers and winning methods for building subscription centers.    […]

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Gmail Started Supporting Responsive Email Designs – Boon or Bane in Email Marketing?

One of the major email marketing predictions of 2016 was Gmail would start offering support for responsive design in emails. Email marketers had long back anticipated this new Gmail update wherein it will start providing style support for its webmail clients and support for responsive design including CSS media query support. Gmail has recently released […]

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3 Benefits of Email Preference Center Will Make You Want to Start Now

Have you set up your Email Preference center yet? Most marketers look at the concept of an email preference center as an unnecessary part of their email marketing activities, and frankly some view it as a waste of resources. But in our privacy-conscious world, and contrary to what many people think, a Preference Center can […]

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