Mary Casey

Marketing Communications Manager

I Stand For Happiness

Mary is the Marketing Communications Manager at Marrina Decisions. Her favorite core value is Happiness. She says, “happiness is at the root of everything. Without it, the other core values couldn’t exist.” It’s also one of the reasons she chose to work at Marrina Decisions. “When I was looking through the company’s website, thier core values stood out to me. Many companies’ core values are fairly similar and they related to the work being produced. But Marrina’s core values were also about the people behind the work. Values like passion, happiness, and empathy. They’re very people-centric and I never saw a company with these core values before. Employee happiness and fulfillment is important here and that’s what employees want.”

Mary is located on the East Coast and joined the MD team in spring of 2022. In her free time, she loves running, walking/hiking, and exploring new places. She especially loves bringing her dog Mack along with her for these adventures.