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5 MarTech Tools to Consider for Marketing Attribution for Closing More Sales

Marketing attribution is always a challenge for data-driven marketing operations teams. It takes good expertise and effort for successfully attributing sales to channels. If your team is also struggling with such a situation, we have the solution for you. 

With the right tools in hand, any team can use marketing attribution for closing more sales and generating more revenue from all the channels. In this article, we discuss the top five tools which can be used for successfully attributing sales to channels and increasing ROI. 

5 Tools for Marketing Attribution to Close More Sales

  1. LeanData
  2. Bizible
  3. Google Attribution
  4. Oktopost
  5. Full Circle Insights

1) LeanData

LeanData Attribution is very popular, and it gives actionable insights for sales and marketing teams. They claim to provide the most accurate attribution data for understanding the campaign performance and growth opportunities. Thus, your team can decide where to spend the budget without any worries. 

leandata marketing attribution tool

They offer a fully customizable attribution model, which gives more power to marketers. LeanData’s attribution wizard lets you select the most relevant touches. By combining LeanData’s Opportunity and Campaign Views with CRM reporting, organizations can understand the key points along the buyer’s journey.

2) Bizible 

Bizible is a B2B marketing attribution platform that serves multi-touch attribution, account-based measurement, full-funnel insights, custom attribution modeling, events and conference tracking, and ad network integration. 

With a considerable number of popular enterprise clients, Bizible leads the marketing attribution industry. Their full suite of attribution solutions provides valuable insights for decision-makers and marketing leaders to choose their investment channels. Bizible is equally useful for CMOs, Demand Gen teams, Marketing operations teams, Paid media advertisers, and agencies. 

bizible marketing attribution platform and a martech tool

Bizible lets you make revenue-focused decisions based on campaign performance insights and improvement opportunities. Bizible’s measurement and planning solutions enable marketing leaders to excel in their roles. CMOs and marketing leaders can align planning, execution, and measurement to core business objectives with multi-touch attribution and revenue planning.

3) Google Attribution 

Did you know that Google has its own attribution tool? And it’s free. Google has made an attribution tool as part of Google Analytics to help marketing teams with limited budgets. However, it is still in the beta stage, and the company is actively working on it to improve its efficiency. All eligible advertisers can access this tool for free. 

Google attribution

In addition to these, it provides additional insights about your Google Ads performance. Google Attribution works just like any other attribution tools and helps you understand multi-click and multi-channel journeys of your leads. Google machine learning advancements surely reflect on this platform too. It helps you make smarter decisions on campaign targeting. 

4) Oktopost 

If your B2B marketing team invests in social media marketing campaigns, Oktopost is an excellent social media distribution and attribution platform for you. It integrates seamlessly with most of the major marketing automation platforms, including Marketo, Act-On, Eloqua, and HubSpot. 


Oktopost gives you advanced insights for making decisions on your social media marketing campaigns. It informs you whether your efforts are working or not. So that you can change your strategy or adjust the spendings. This is one of the most required features for every marketing team which revolves around social media campaigns.

5) Full Circle Insights

Full Circle Insights is a very user-friendly and easy to understand marketing attribution solution for marketing leaders, marketing operations teams, demand generation specialists, and digital marketers. It gives you advanced insights on your campaign performance and channels in a very easy to digest view. 

Full circle insights

They claim to offer the most accurate and comprehensive funnel metrics analytics across sales and marketing channels. Full Circle Insights focus on Salesforce reporting, and it works seamlessly with Salesforce and other leading marketing automation tools. 


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