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A Quick Dive into Marketo Sales Insights – An Underrated Feature in Marketo

If you believe that the sales team is the backbone of your organization, then it’s time to show them love. Just by upgrading your marketing automation game, you can cover up the major task of supporting the sales team as it will streamline and automate repetitive tasks of every sales personnel. Considering the technological need to upgrade sales team service to better coordinate with its marketing service, Marketo developed Sales Insight.

Marketo Sales Insight (MSI) is a platform to align sales and marketing teams in terms of strategy and execution. Besides all its initiative to manage digital marketing, Marketo developed a platform to empower the sales team with the knowledge and analytics needed to convert more leads and create better sales opportunities. A native Salesforce application, MSI provides your sales team with better knowledge of the lead’s communications with the company website and other such channels. With its powerful features, MSI can help the sales team understand and prioritize the most potential leads so that they can engage in a personalized conversation with the lead. This eventually helps the sales team save time, close more deals in less time, and increase ROI. But an MSI can be installed by Salesforce users only if your marketing system has Marketo integration.

How does MSI work?

The lead score increases at a faster rate with MSI only because it has been well-curated to serve the real need to fill the gap existing between the sales and the marketing team. MSI has the power to monitor the real-time web activity of potential leads, such as the time and date of the lead’s last web activity. By keeping track of the digital body language of hot leads and adding them to their watch list, the sales team decides the right time to contact the lead. Also, to make the right sales pitch, the team can track down the customer web activity and analyze the interest areas. 

This entire procedure gives the sales team an opportunity to reinforce their approach towards a selling journey or addressing customer concerns. Moreover, by tracking every anonymous web activity, MSI gives an idea of how, when, and where the company is attracting leads. Based on the result, the company can expand its target area.

Extra advantages of MSI (Marketo Sales Insights)

Well, that’s not all. MSI has a lot to offer if you know how to leverage it into your system in the right way. But the saddest part is MSI is one of the most underrated features of Marketo. With the only motive to improve the sales team’s efficiency, MSI has a lot of added features that help boost lead conversion. With its data-driven sales services, MSI is a single glass pane for every form of customer engagement throughout the customer journey. Below is a list of all the extra benefits that your sales team will get with the incorporation of MSI:

  • Better email marketing: MSI helps send Marketo emails and can track them too. It generates and provides all the metrics related to marketing emails sent using Marketo. Information such as email sent date, open date, clicks, and follow-ups, along with the entire email conversation, helps the sales team frame a more accurate sales approach.
  • Get lead movement notification: To better engage with your potential customers, you need to keep track of all their moves in their customer lifecycle. But with so many leads to follow, it can be a difficult task to track every lead score update. With its option to turn lead notification on for interesting moments, MSI gives every sales rep regular updates on the leads they follow.
  • Find ‘lead interesting” moments: With information such as downloaded resources, forms filled out via Marketo services, search terms used, and timestamps, you get a closer look into a potential customer’s interest. MSI provides a comprehensive view of the past customer and helps understand customer trends and current needs. With increasing demand and rising competition, integrating MSI will give you a competitive advantage.
  • Best Bets: This MSI interface collects the digital body language of leads to help sales reps prioritize their activity. Based on the parameters established by sales teams, the Best Bet automatically makes a list of leads to follow, keeping the hottest one on the top, prioritized based on quality and urgency.
  • Runs directly in your CRM: To enable the sales team to easily access key customer insights, the Lead Feed gets updates via RSS feed, with real-time customer updates even when the sales team is not working in their CRM. This ensures that no critical lead insights get neglected.
  • Outlook Integration: MSI has Outlook integration capability, and since most sales reps use Outlook for its convenient features, this partnership offers a great advantage. With a library of email templates to choose from, sales reps can create new emails easily and accurately with Outlook email.

MSI summarizes all digital marketing activities to provide every detail to the sales team, which improves sales performance. With a deeper understanding and lead insight of qualified prospects, MSI aids you in leveraging the power of marketing and sales controlled engagements. This helps provide a better customer experience to transform the way sales and marketing teams work together. The development of MSI has proved the myth that the sales and marketing team can never be aligned wrong. Its professional insights into how and why to engage leads and contacts help the sales team to bring great success to the organization.

Even with all the benefits, MSI is still one of Marketo’s most misunderstood and underutilized features. If all leads, contacts, and accounts are assigned correctly, MSI can be the most valuable tool to convert leads.