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How to Make Your Current Marketing Strategies Scalable

All companies foster this relentless conquest for strategies to establish their solution distinctively before their targeted audience to produce maximum demand in the marketplace. As customers communicate through diverse digital marketing channels, especially now people are leading an enhanced digital lifestyle, marketers feel more driven to connect them across all the channels customers frequent the most. 

To keep up with the multiplying of new and numerous touchpoints through every stage of the customer journey, businesses and marketers need to adopt scalable strategies or make their existing marketing strategies scalable. This is critical for managing campaigns and programs, monitoring customers’ engagement, and generating revenue generation opportunities to get the desired balance between marketing cost and campaign performance.

How Marketing Automation Helps Make Current Marketing Strategies Scalable

Many marketers struggle to measure their programs and are unable to run them in a scalable manner. To save their time and effort in repetitive marketing actions, they often resort to ineffective practices such as –

  • Cloning the same copy from other content or email copy and applying with small changes. 
  • Minimal personalization in email messages while targeting a new audience. 
  • Manual process of recreating programs, campaigns, assets, and workflows for new campaigns. 
  • Rebuilding a subscriber base for cross-channel marketing initiatives. 
  • Manual effort of redesigning banners or creatives for assets.

Getting rid of rework from marketing campaigns is not possible, but can be efficiently managed by leveraging marketing automation software. The prime idea of automation technology is minimizing human efforts in repetitive tasks and purging steps that cannot add value. An advanced marketing platform like Marketo offers advanced features that improve marketers’ capabilities of supporting the complete marketing ecosystem and improve customer engagement across diverse marketing channels.

Here are four best practices to scale your existing marketing strategy and continue delivering high-impacting marketing campaigns by leveraging Marketo automation platform:

1)Scale Your Campaigns

Analyzing your marketing campaign can identify ineffective strategies that are affecting campaign performance. Leveraging the right marketing platform can help marketers, both technical and even non-technical professionals, make adjustments to content, delivery, and actions. Automation systems equipped with machine learning can make these timely tweaks and optimization without using manual labor of the creative team. Thus, instead of designing fresh new emails, your marketing team can focus on creating modular customer-centric templates which can be optimized by marketing users. 

By saving your time spent in building new email designs for each campaign, your team can now implement pre-formatted email template layouts and content rules in their similar email campaigns. That’s how Marketo automation platform helps to balance strategy planning, template creativity, and timely execution to specific segments of subscribers, which is otherwise challenging to achieve with limited resources. 

Moreover, automation platforms comply with current industry standards thus, making your brand campaigns and resources automatically compliant to latest security protocols and satisfying your customers’ expectations.

2) Use Tokens and Fields to Scale Programs

Another major way Marketo marketing automation systems can help scale existing marketing campaigns is by using program tokens and dynamic content. In case you have not used “Tokens” and “Merge Fields” in your campaign, these elements are data points referenced by the system to make automated adjustments according to contact-related information and field values. 

For example, you may need to deliver personalized content and industry-centric trends to attract your target audience’s attention within. Thereby, you can insert that data value by adding Tokens in your emails instead of designing personalization for each email separately for multiple contacts. You can also optimize content related to your marketing database in emails, landing pages, or in other assets for a campaign.

3) Enhanced and Timely Reach to All Leads at Scale

Building lists in Excel sheets and uploading to the marketing system takes plenty of manual efforts. Migrating to the Marketo marketing automation platform can enable you to scale up email list building activities by increasing your capability to add leads in the hundreds and even thousands.

With a Marketo instance, you can target the entire lead database by creating one batch of email blasts simultaneously, maintaining your efficiency in lead segmentation and personalization. You can create smart email lists that target audiences based on segmentation rules added in the system and continue building and updating all contact information, including location, job details, industry, and many others as you append new leads. 

Thus, Marketo can scale your team’s ability to monitor customers’ interactions, such as email opens, clicks, registration, signup, content downloads, webinar attendees, and all other metrics. Your audience will find your emails more relevant, well-positioned with accuracy in timely delivery. The more you can target the right people, at the right time, with the right message, the more sales-qualified leads you add to the funnel.

4) Centralize and Scale Data

Many marketers and business owners spend a considerable amount of time centralizing data access to various users and personalizing them based on various data points. You can automate the entire process of centralization, pulling and adding records, and achieving personalization based on preset rules in marketing automation systems. 

In addition to freeing hours of manual work, automating the process also minimizes the risks of human errors, which are common in setting up email messaging. 

In addition to that, marketers also benefit from the added capability to share pre-built lead data from automation platforms to other marketing channels with its omni-channel marketing support for Facebook social media ads, and Google Ads paid campaigns. Leveraging the Marketo marketing automation system also helps in aligning with other marketing channels and executing omni-channel marketing campaigns to improve your targeting efforts. 

At the same time, you can centralize and scale lead data management for marketing campaign managers with highly personalized messaging and resources using the Marketo automation platform. 


In addition to the aforementioned strategies to scale your existing marketing strategies with the Marketo automation platform, you will also scale customer responses and interactions through diverse touchpoints of the customer journeys from a central location. As Marketo is getting more feature and functionality upgrades each year, you can scale communicating through all stages of the lifecycle of the ever-expanding customer base. 

We are helping businesses challenged with migration, implementation, and optimization of Marketo to scale their existing marketing strategies for years and businesses trying hard to keep up with the revenue and demand during a challenging economy. 

In case you need our services in Marketo implementation to scale your process – our certified and automation experts will guide you step by step, once you take the first step to have a chat with us via the chat box at the bottom right. Also, talk to our MarTech experts by saying “Hello” at, or if you are on social media, DM us via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter