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Identifying and Resolving SFDC-Marketo Sync Errors for a Smooth Workflow

In the dynamic world of marketing automation, the integration of Salesforce (SFDC) and Marketo has become a cornerstone for many marketers seeking an optimized workflow. However, the occurrence of sync errors between these platforms is not uncommon. Over time, these errors can accumulate, potentially leading to data-related complications, especially in high-volume systems. In this article, we will delve into the various types of SFDC-Marketo sync errors, shedding light on effective strategies to identify and rectify them.

Identifying and Resolving Common SFDC-Marketo Sync Errors

Error #1: Locked Row

Upon encountering this error, it’s a sign that someone else is currently editing the same record you’re attempting to modify. Salesforce, as a precaution, restricts simultaneous editing by multiple users to prevent data conflicts. While this error often resolves itself due to Marketo’s 5-minute sync interval, persistent occurrences warrant investigation. Overlooking this could lead to discrepancies in data synchronization, potentially compromising the accuracy of your records.

Solution: In cases of repetitive occurrences, investigate the situation to ensure the appropriate users are working collaboratively. This proactive approach ensures that your data remains coherent and dependable.

Error #2: Field Validation

This error crops up when Marketo attempts to input data values that don’t adhere to Salesforce’s validation rules. When this happens, Salesforce generates a validation error notification. For comprehensive insights, consult the lead activity box located in the upper right corner of your interface. Common sources of problematic data input include inaccuracies in form submissions, improper list imports, and outdated data management processes.

Solution: To tackle this issue, consider manually editing the records containing incorrect data values. If the validation rule proves unnecessary, don’t hesitate to deactivate it, streamlining the data input process.

Error #3: Apex CPU Limit

This error materializes when Salesforce exhausts its allotted apex cycles, hampering the seamless processing of incoming data. This predicament is particularly prevalent in older or intricate SFDC platforms characterized by an abundance of triggers.

Solution: If this error surfaces, conduct a thorough review of your Salesforce triggers to identify opportunities for optimization. Streamlining your triggers can significantly alleviate the burden on the apex CPU and enhance sync performance.

Warning: “SFDC Field Has a New Picklist”

This frequently encountered warning signifies that Marketo can accept various data into a specific field and subsequently sync it with Salesforce. While the new data may not immediately appear as a picklist choice, it remains visible as the lead’s current value.

Solution: To navigate this situation, maintain a meticulous record of data value alterations. Communication with your CRM team is vital, ensuring alignment and preventing data misalignment.

Steps to Resolve Data Value Changes:

  • Create a comprehensive data mapping of old values to new ones.
  • Update your Marketo forms to reflect the changes.
  • Implement a data correction flow to remap old values to new ones.


As an administrator in Marketo, vigilance and proactive management of sync errors are imperative. By familiarizing yourself with these common issues and their solutions, you can establish a robust and regular process to identify, address, and rectify sync errors efficiently. This diligent approach safeguards the integrity of your data, minimizes segmentation discrepancies, and optimizes the synchronization between SFDC and Marketo for an uninterrupted marketing workflow.

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