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How to quickly leverage Marketo Engage?

Marketo has become the one-stop automation solution for digital marketers around the world. It has been crucial in creating a cohesive relationship between marketing & sales and driving leads through the funnel. Although you might have purchased Marketo for handling specific processes such as email marketing and lead generation, you can do many other things with it. Here, we will look at some solutions that will help you quickly leverage Marketo engage for your teams.

Marketo Email Send QuickStart

As the market evolves, customers are looking for new ways to meet their demands. The market is flooded with products claiming to be better than the others. Emails and Marketing automation are needed more than ever to help buyers in their purchase journey. A Marketo Email sends QuickStart will help you set up your previously purchased Marketo platform and target email buyers more effectively. It must include the following elements:

  • An easily editable and highly responsive email template.
  • Basic configurations for Marketo.
  • A smart email program that will help you track user engagement and attribution.
  • Tests to check program efficiency and report building methods.

Marketo Re-engage Email QuickStart

Every marketing team has a list of inactive contacts who have all the traits of becoming your customers but haven’t shown any positive signs of engagement in recent times. It is even possible that these people are ready to make a purchase but haven’t found something suitable for them. Re-engagement emails are one way you can interact with these potential customers and win them back.

Your Re-engage email QuickStart solution must include the following:

  • An engagement program with three emails to win them back.
  • A tool/team to analyze the quality of your re-engagement content.
  • A highly responsive email template that can easily be edited and sent.
  • Ways to test your program, launch them, and generate analytical reports for assessment.

Building Marketo Automation IQ

If you already have a Marketo platform but want to optimize or reconfigure it, you may want to consider building the automation IQ for your instance. Doing this will ensure that you make the most of your marketing automation platform and help you achieve ROI. An ideal Marketo automation IQ must contain the following elements to complete your set targets:

  • An outline of your present Marketo system with its infrastructure and configurational aspects.
  • Analysis of backlogs in your instance setup.
  • A method to spot the opportunities for the optimization process.
  • Analysis of potential barriers that might block your accurate reporting.

Final Words

Effective communication is the key to any successful marketing process. A healthy engagement with your users will help you earn new customers and retain the existing ones. Set up your Marketo platform today to achieve high-end results and increase brand loyalty. The above configurations will ensure that you leave no stone unturned to nurture your customers as they move ahead in their purchase journey.

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