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How to Ensure Data Safety in Marketo?

You may be completely unaware that your system has been breached for a long time. Although every marketing automation vendor tries to build a platform that has minimal chances of a security breach, the fact is that no system is completely secured at all times. The admin works with IT policies to maintain data safety in the platform. 

However, you can put your admin principles onto your marketing technology to enhance the safety of your marketing automation platform (MAP). Here, we will look at how we can secure Marketo instances, learn about encryption & SSL, and check out security settings in Marketo.

Securing a Marketo Instance

Following are some points you need to look at to maintain an adequate infrastructure and secure your Marketo instance:

Role and User Security 

To begin with, you must have a thorough understanding of how your users and their roles work together in maintaining your database. Always check whether you want a specific user to have access to certain data in your system before assigning roles to them. Giving unnecessary access won’t do any good but will only increase the chances of data corruption.

Role Management

Admins should place a pre-approval process before granting access to any user on specific data. Ensure that all the roles are adequately assigned according to each user’s access level.

User Management

Under this, you will select the type of people you want to have on your platform. This involves understanding which users can handle which roles in the instance. The number of admins should be limited and in accordance with the workload. New users should be given lower access until they are fully trained. Keep track of the active users and do regular check-ups to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Encryption & SSL

To ensure that your landing pages are secured, you must shift to HTTPS. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is encryption that establishes a safe connection between the client and the server. As far as the database is concerned, Marketo provides instance and disk-level encryption and charges a small amount. This will save you from the drastic losses you may face if someone breaks into your database.

Security Settings in Marketo

Level #1. Increase Complexity

In case you aren’t using a highly secured system, you can enable the following login settings to increase complexity:

  • Use of 8 or more characters.
  • A mix of lower and uppercase.
  • Use of special characters
  • The expiry date of 3 months, etc.

Level #2. Use Single Sign-on (SSO)

Someone who has left your organization and still has access to your database can cause serious harm to your company by corrupting your data. Enabling SSO will allow your IT team to manage people who have departed from your organization. Moreover, a single login password is always easy to remember.

Level #3. Managing IP and VPN

Although this is beneficial, logging in through a VPN can be very complex for distant users. They will have to connect to your company’s VPN and then take several other steps to access your applications finally. Instead, you can create a list of IP addresses considered safe and “on-site.” The instance can then be set to accept connections only from that particular list. This would prevent spurious users from accessing Marketo.


Ensuring data safety in Marketo requires a proactive approach that combines user management, encryption, and security settings. Understanding roles and user access is paramount to prevent unauthorized data exposure. Implementing encryption and SSL protocols safeguards landing pages and databases from potential breaches, reducing the risk of data loss. Employing security settings at different levels, such as password complexity, single sign-on (SSO), and IP management, adds layers of protection to your Marketo instance. By adopting these measures, you can bolster the security of your marketing automation platform and mitigate potential risks effectively.

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