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How to Choose the Right Marketo Consulting Partner

Marketo has a lot of potential and needs to be implemented correctly to get the best results. Complex and custom implementations can often lead to confusion within Marketing teams when integrating or upgrading Marketo. It is vital to choose the right Marketo consulting partner to help you in the implementation process and throughout your organization’s journey with Marketo. To make the most of your Marketo performance and turn initiatives into successful marketing campaigns, you must have the right strategy, talent, content, data, and most importantly, the perfect Marketo consulting partner.

Your Marketo consulting partner should have an extensive range of solutions so that your company can make the most of your Marketo investment. The right Marketo consulting partner will help you with certified Marketo experts who know the best way to implement the Marketo, execute campaigns, provide you with advanced analytics, and plan for your Marketo instance’s roadmap, health, and strategy.

Be it your first campaign with Marketo or if you have plans to optimize your existing marketing automation, finding a trusted Marketo expert to support you is essential. Here are five traits that you should look for when choosing your Marketo consulting partner:

Clear Goals

To get the most out of your Marketo instance, you should have some experience on your team, or with a helpful partner.

Before you agree on a Marketo consulting partner, make sure the agency is an expert in marketing operations and Marketo. Your organization will need internal resources and continuous support during complex issues, and your partner should be able to address all problems as they arise. To determine the agency’s knowledge and vision towards Marketo and their strategic plan for your company, here are a few questions that you can ask:

  • How long has the company been working in Marketo?
  • What can they offer your company for your campaigns’ short-term and long-term success?
  • How can they advance your growth and help you achieve your organization’s goals?

Performance History

The capability of any marketing automation platform can be determined by its clients’ feedback about the organization, and the best Marketo consulting partner will have proven case studies, customer testimonials, and growth stories to highlight their clients’ relationships. You need to check if any of the references from clients are similar to your team’s objective. Try to find out how satisfied the clients are with the agency’s service. If not published publicly, the agency should have testimonials from clients and partners they have worked with or awards from partner organizations. At the same time, you need to dive deeper into the executive team’s history and review their best work.

Cutting Edge Technology

The digital marketing industry is brimming with new technologies as organizations are continually working towards developing more advanced marketing strategies. Merely implementing Marketo will not help you stay ahead of your competitors. Make sure your potential partner defines their unique technology expertise and can explain how their solution can evolve with the changing martech landscape. An experienced Marketo consultancy team should be able to tweak their services and technology according to your needs. They should be able to import their proprietary programs in your Marketo instances, such as Program Templates, lead scoring programs, and the best practices based on your Marketo campaigns and assets.


It is not enough to have Marketo knowledge to become a good marketing automation partner. It is essential to have industry knowledge of other platforms and solutions and what role these tools play in every facet of your marketing strategy. This ensures that no matter which verticals your potential partner specializes in, they can pivot when your business needs change. Your Marketo consultancy partner must have sufficient field experience so that they can understand your company’s pain points and be able to provide you with a solution.


Your Marketo consultancy partner needs to have demonstrated knowledge of your business, objective, company’s pain points, and how your company wants to grow. They will become the support system for your organization, with the only objective to bring success to your organization. They should be able to provide you with strategic and result-based advice. Also, ensure that your partner is ready to build a long-term relationship with your company by changing their service model as your needs and objectives change.

The right Marketo consulting partner will add more value to your organization with their highly-trained team of experts. The Marketo-certified experts at Marrina Decisions are all up-to-date on Marketo and strive to ensure that their service supports your goals. If you are looking for a Marketo consulting partner to streamline, automate, and manage your business outcomes, our team is all set to give your marketing campaigns their deserved success.
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