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Email Subject Lines to be avoided

Email campaigns are one of the marketing tactics that can do wonders for your business. Indeed, email can be one of the best communication tools that can be used to share updates with followers or potential customers. But, the major problem with this tactic is low email open rate.

The entire strategy goes in vain when recipients delete it without reading. Marketers need to put in great efforts and design it with great care and caution to ensure it attracts customers. The foremost aspect of email that entices viewers or receivers is its subject line. It should be attractive, engaging, short and descriptive. It should provide readers the reason to explore the message further.

In order to make it a success, there are important mistakes that marketers need to avoid. Let’s focus at these mistakes to make the email campaign successful and effective for you.

  • Use of Spammy Words: The words, like Buy, Free, Cash, Make Money, Opportunity, Sex, Win, Click, etc may trigger Spam filters and this may prevent your email from being delivered into the recipients’ mailboxes.
  • Use of All capital Letters: The use of all capital letters may be the other cause of triggering spam filters. It is not the way to attract readers’ attention. Indeed, it makes the message shady and unprofessional and has always appeared as though you are yelling.
  • Being unclear: The subject line should help recipient know what your email is about. A clear and compelling subject line would definitely entice readers to open the email and read on. The message should be clearly conveyed in the subject line.
  • Being Misleading: Never use any lie or you are surely to lose trust of your recipients. The message conveyed by subject line should meet the content of your email. The misleading subject line can further kill the chances of responding. So, be clear and honest.
  • Neither too long, nor too short: Long subject lines won’t be able to display completely. Where as very short subject lines might not convey the message properly. Hence, marketers need to carefully look at both of these aspects.

Are you concerned about your email open rates? Or Are you struggling to improve your email open rate? If there are any such questions in your mind consider the above listed tactics. As marketers, the more we share tactics, the better. I’ve shared my secret tactics, what’s on yours?