Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation

Email marketing and marketing automation are two completely different aspects of marketing. Yet, they often get confused with each other. But a successful marketer needs to be aware of the difference between email marketing and marketing automation. Both leverage digital marketing campaigns, but in very different ways. Moreover, email marketing and marketing automation follow a completely different methodology in terms of processing.

Email marketing is a part of marketing automation

Marketing automation is a technologically improved approach towards digital marketing where you automate repetitive manual tasks. It creates a customer hub for your marketing team that stores all customer information that helps in the automation process. Marketing automation streamlines your marketing system by automatically scanning through their email addresses, website behavior, forms they have submitted, and interactions with your sales team. It can be integrated into several digital marketing channels to engage better with customers.

Email marketing is one such digital marketing channel that uses marketing automation as a catalyst to boost its performance. According to records, email marketing has witnessed the best results in terms of conversion by using marketing automation. It is the most effective medium for communication with prospects and customers.

Email marketing needs marketing automation

There was a time when the traditional method of email marketing was a great way to generate leads. But with the modern-day competition to implement the latest digital marketing technology, you need to integrate marketing automation to stay ahead in the industry. Merely sending out bulk email messages is not enough to keep people interested these days as they are used to getting exactly what they want at their preferred time.

The traditional email marketing method relies on the marketer’s timing, which, if applied now, will have a significantly less open rate. Modern marketing is all about giving customers the most important and doing everything their way. Marketing automation helps in finding the desired time of the customer and sending emails accordingly. This gives customers an on-demand purchasing experience and attracts more attention from the target customers.

Understand new customers

Customers today are more aware of your competitive brands, and thus, they have become choosier about how brands engage with them. They seek more personalization, not only in terms of content but also in terms of timing. Sending messages at the right time can increase the open rate and customer engagement. Therefore, organizations need to have tools to generate instant and personalized results with accurate information.

Marketing automation tools apply business rules, analytics, segmentation, and scientific data to manage all levels of leads in the sales funnel and lists. This enables marketers to offer individual attention to each customer and prospect by providing specific marketing materials and messages. Moreover, it curates emails based on the current stage of the customer lifecycle.

How marketing automation boosts email marketing

Modern-day email marketing involves:

  • Creating a list of subscribers.
  • Segmenting them based on customer behavior.
  • Developing relevant and personalized content.
  • Sending them out at the right time.
  • Checking its performance.

Doing all these manually and for numerous customers with different preferences can be a tedious task. But by implementing marketing automation tools, marketers can complete all these jobs effortlessly in almost no time. It also helps you send out emails that contain relevant messages.

Test your emails with marketing automation

Marketing automation helps you measure your email performance and your email response by allowing you to send two versions of the same email to your entire list. You can decide what you want to test and design your emails accordingly. Test your email sending time, response rates, bounce rate, and click rate.

Organizations rely on emails to grow business and marketing automation to increase email marketing efficiency. Marketing automation creates an opportunity for marketers to increase business profit. It not only makes engagement easier for marketers but also for your prospects and customers. It directs you to strategize your marketing campaigns based on the demand of your target market. This helps increase trust among your customers, creating a long-term relationship with them. Marketing automation also allows you to drive leads more effectively through lead nurturing to retain customers even after the sale.

Remember, marketing automation is not just about increasing customer engagement but also increasing ROI with higher sales. Therefore, make sure you implement the right automation tools in all your marketing channels and especially email.
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