Building the Ultimate Marketing Tech Stack for High-Performing Marketers
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Building the Ultimate Marketing Tech Stack for High-Performing Marketers

MarTech stack offers users faster and more accurate information to the users in real-time. It also prompts any action taken by the user to keep a chronological track of customer movement. It provides better security to customer and business data by monitoring how and by whom the database is being used. MarTech stack gives a stronghold to the centralized data by collecting all information at a single platform where it gets recorded and analyzed with business analytics tools. It eradicates the extra burden on your IT team to develop custom integrations with the use of the built-in data infrastructure tool.

MarTech stack is the assortment of advanced and related marketing technologies and tools that help streamline your entire marketing process by offering a logical and functional format. It is used across multiple digital channels such as CMS, CRM, Web Analytics, and Advertising Platforms and at different stages of an organization’s customer journey for an efficient digital marketing campaign. MarTech stack offers 360-degree monitoring and control of the marketing data management, analytics, automation, and CRM processes. It also focuses on the challenges that a buyer might face and rationalizes the problem areas, helping your organization retain, nurture, and increase its customer base. Moreover, the MarTech stack provides you with actionable insights from the data collected, helping you make informed decisions with the right technology and skill set.

But the challenge in building an ideal MarTech stack is to select the right technology from a list of thousands, make them user-friendly, and set them up in a way to leverage the best possible benefits. Thus, to help you get the best ROI from your marketing investment and to gain a competitive advantage in the industry, here is a list of guidelines for building your organization’s MarTech stack:

The first thing to consider while building the ultimate marketing tech stack:

With so many marketing tools to select from, you can quickly get confused. Thus, to make the selection of marketing automation tools easy, you need to shortlist them into two categories: must-haves and nice-to-haves.

Tools essential to perform your marketing function are the must-have tools that will help you be more creative or organized. Tools that are beneficial to have but it’s still possible to hit your goals without them are nice-to-have tools.

Here is a list of must-have SaaS tools for your marketing tech stack:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Search Engine Optimization Tools
  • Social Media Management
  • Data Warehouse or ERP Systems
  • Analytics tools
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting and Analytics Tools

Things to consider before implementing any new marketing tool:

Ensure it does not tamper with your marketing strategy

With the availability of so many marketing tools and the pressure of success, it’s easy to get carried away and change your entire marketing strategy. This might create confusion in the system and turn out to be a massive digital marketing failure. Thus, always remember to stick to your strategy first and select technology that fits your marketing strategy. To achieve your business objective, you need to build your MarTech stack around your sales and revenue-driving strategy. Remember that strategizing the entire process took a significant amount of effort since it was made to keep every perspective under concern.

Make sure it automates your marketing system

With the increasing workload and the rapid technology innovation, it is time to share some of our tasks with technologies. Automating the marketing system’s possible areas helps you create more leads in less time and develops better customer relationships. A well-developed marketing automation tool not only focuses on building enterprise-grade power but also on consumer-grade ease of use. By constructing your MarTech stack around automation platforms, you can easily analyze the stored customer data, which in turn can help you produce a customer-centric marketing campaign. Moreover, creating great customer experiences keeps you ahead of your competitors in the industry.

Segment and document all the data collected

If your business is on the right track to success, your data center must be overflowing with uncontrolled and oversaturated data. That’s what a modern, booming business looks like, but only until all the abandoned data becomes convoluted due to a lack of documentation of the ever-evolving data. To maintain long-term success and avoid data integrity issues, you need to label all your customer and business history. This offers easy access to the data whenever required and is also easy to understand for new employees.

Create a roadmap

With several marketing tools available in the market, finding the right tools for your MarTech stack can be challenging. But if you know your business objective and existing marketing issues, you can select the device that best addresses those issues. Building a MarTech stack is a time-consuming process, and a successful MarTech needs a well-planned roadmap. Most marketers make the mistake of not looking into the future of the company’s marketing strategy and thus fail to create a roadmap. But once you have your MaTech roadmap planned, your marketing strategies will automatically get streamlined.

How to evaluate a MarTech Stack?

Unable to keep pace with the sprawling MarTech innovation, marketers often fail to make strategy-driven choices. But suppose they are aware of the right questions to ask and find answers to before investing in new marketing technology. In that case, you can save your company from innumerable complications shortly. Here is a list of questions to help you evaluate your new marketing technology:

  • Does the latest marketing technology integrate with your existing MarTech stack?
  • Are you investing in the newest technology for the long term or any short-term objective?
  • Do you have a team to implement the marketing technology properly?
  • Does the latest marketing technology offer privacy protection?
  • Does the latest marketing technology offer market metrics?

The disruption in marketing technology has developed complicated procedures that get more difficult to manage with the business’s growth. But that can’t be a reason for you to deny a great chance of success. So if you are motivated to gain your business objective, build a MarTech stack that will help you embrace a systematic marketing approach for simplified operation. 
Once aligned into the system, your MarTech stack will engage more buyers, and drive higher revenue, and, to be honest, this is the best time to leverage technology’s benefits to drive organizational growth. If you need professional assistance to jumpstart your MarTech stack, you can start right from here. All you need is to contact us or simply say “Hello” at Or you can DM us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.