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Boost the success of your Loyalty Programs through Emails

Marketing is not only about identifying new prospects, nurturing them, and converting them into your customers. It is also about retaining your old customers and maintaining your brand loyalty. According to a study, the revenue generated by repeat customers is 67 percent more than the new customers.

Loyalty programs are an effective method of engaging with your old customers and retaining them. Here, we will learn how we can enhance the effectiveness of our loyalty programs through emails.

Essential Elements to ensure your Loyalty Programs work well

Decide the reward you’ll give to your customers

Offering discounts is the safest option to motivate a customer into making a purchase. You can also use reward coupons, combo sales offers, etc., to persuade your customers. Make sure that the reward you offer along with your loyalty program is actually compelling.

Make sure your rewards are easy to redeem

Your rewards won’t do any good if your customers have been getting headaches trying to redeem them. Make sure the experience you promised is delivered instantaneously.

Prioritize values and create a more profound meaning

Although the end goal of your loyalty program is to convince your users into buying your services, your emails should reflect more than that. Use points to explain why your brand is better than the others and care for your customers.

Types of Effective Loyalty Program Emails

Following are some effective loyalty program emails you can use to motivate your existing customers:

Occasional Invitation Emails

As soon as you earn a new customer, send them a message informing them about your loyalty program and its benefits. Even if a customer seems uninterested at the time, there is a possibility that he might join your program after a few purchases.

Welcome Emails for Loyal Customers

These emails are sent to users as soon as they subscribe to your loyalty program. Use points to convey that you care about your customers and look for a fruitful and long relationship with them.

Purchase Emails for Loyal Customers

After a loyalty buyer makes a purchase, send them a purchase email with a customized message and other related info, such as the number of points they have received on this particular purchase.

Rewards Reminder Emails

Send these emails to remind your customers about the rewards they have forgotten to redeem.

Rewards Redemption Emails

These emails are sent when a customer redeems their rewards points.

Birthday Rewards

Wish your loyal members their birthday with a personalized message. Also, include an appealing offer they won’t want to miss.

Loyalty Tier Change Emails

If you have a tiered loyalty program, inform your members when they reach a new level.

Summary Emails

Summary emails are sent to inform the members about the changes over a while, such as a month.

Program Update Emails

These users are used to notify your members whenever you make changes to your loyalty program.

Useful Tips

Always include the tier info and remaining points information in all your loyalty emails.

Share referral codes with your loyal customers.

After a customer collects a significant number of reward points, inform them about the same.

Offer value in your emails. For instance, you can send bonus points or exclusive discounts on some products.

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