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Are you leveraging Top 10 Marketo New Features released in 2014?

top-10-Marketo-new-features-released-in-2014As 2014 leaves us and we begin 2015, sometimes it takes time for us to catch up in the world of Marketing to all of the new applications as well as new features from older applications that we have been inundated with. Marketo, introduced to us many new features in 2014 that you have yet to be leveraging as the New Year in 2015 begins. Marketo is always tinkering with ways to improve your (the users) experience and to provide us with the necessary tools and features to help us gain a leg up in our roles. Here’s a rundown of the ten best features introduced by Marketo in 2014 that you’ll want to utilize in 2015:

1. Forms 2.0

Released in January of 2014, Forms 2.0, marketers can seamlessly use Marketo Forms on external webpages, with as much ease as it is to drag-and-drop a form onto a Marketo Landing Page. Simply copy and paste the embedded form code to insert into the HTML of your external landing page. This was a a great new feature that most of us have been waiting for.

2. Email Program Enhancement

  • Engagement Score as Winning Criteria – In addition to the custom winner criterion that is possible now with A/B testing of emails, you can now use the Engagement Score to determine your best bet- Did you try this yet?
  • Leads Blocked From Mailing – We always wanted to know why so many email addresses did not get the email or why these are blocked. Now we can get all the details from your Audience tab, you can now see the number of leads that will be blocked from your program without having to check the schedule tab. Click on the number to see the full list of leads that are blocked from your mailings.
  • Export Email Program Data – Enjoying your email program dashboard? Now you can export it with ease as a worksheet!

3. Reports and Analytics Updates

  • Program Details in Email Analysis Report- This was a new report that was added.
  • Program Status columns in Program Performance Report: Earlier we were not able to break down our programs by lead statuses in the Program Performance Report, but now we can! This helps marketers break down the stages of their marketing channels, and better understand the various stages.

4. Undo/Redo on email and Snippet Editor

Undo/Redo In email and snippet editor:  Making a mistake is simple, and you can be left with formatting issues, or even major HTML issues from diving into the code. Earlier this was a serious concern, but now, this is no longer a worry because you can now undo/redo your edits with a simple button in the email editor! What a life saver!

5. Abort a campaign

Has there ever been a time you were instructed to launch a campaign, and minutes later received last minute changes? Or just decided you wanted to change the subject line? At times the situation demand we abort a campaign and in May 2014, Marketo introduced a new feature which allows you to abort smart campaigns. Simply select the drop down menu for Campaign Actions, and select Abort Campaign! How simple!

6. Text Only Link Tracking

This was a really good enhancement, as it enabled marketers to begin leveraging text-only emails as well. As a best practice, you always want to account for leads who receive text-only emails. With this new feature, you simply have to add double brackets around your links and they will be updated with Marketo tracking features.

7. Marketing Calendar

This was a big new enhancement this year in Marketo.

  • Marketo’s new Marketing Calendar provides visual representation for all of your operations which was much needed by Marketing Operations.
  • Program Focus in Marketing Calendar – This was the another main big feature for me and made it easy to create and edit your campaigns from within the Marketing Calendar. Not only does it help you save time in the long run, it allows you to see all of your operations as you schedule them.
  • Marketo Calendar – Keyboard Shortcuts – Marketo has added several keyboard shortcuts, which will make your life easier!
    • Alt/Opt+Up – Back in Time
    • Alt/Opt+Down – Forward in Time
    • Alt/Opt+T – go to “Today”
    • Marketing Calendar – Context Menu: Need a quick action? Now you can right-click on your marketing campaigns within your Marketing Calendar and select from View Campaign, View Smart List, View Flow, View Schedule, View Results, and View Campaign Members.

8. Lead Management

Really basic enhancement but brings in so much of value.
There has been much performance improvement throughout 2014, and includes the following new features –

  • Date operators now include several more advanced criteria, such as In Past Before, In Future, and In Future After.
  • New Munchkin functionality – with this new release, Marketo’s tracking feature will remove dependency of using jQuery, and is more compatible with other JavaScript on your website.
  • List imports are no over 50x faster than before! This allows for quicker access to your new leads!

9. Real Time Personalization

  • Dashboard Improvement: Marketo’s Real Time Personalization app features new data, including organization visits, your top 5 performing industries, and your engaged visitors.
  • Templates for Mobile: In addition to the ready-made templates offered in the Real Time Personalization app, you now have access to templates which you can use for your mobile campaigns!
  • User context API: RTP now features a call which you can leverage to optimize your campaigns based on visitor’s web page visits, product interests, and previous campaigns they have seen.
  • Named Account List Module: With this new feature and newly automated process, you are given more control and ease to execute your marketing plans across multiple channels and manage your top priority accounts.
  • Sliding Effect for In Zone Campaigns: Slide In Zone campaigns with ease using this new feature! This has allowed us to save time and personalize content upon each page load.

10. Select Your Marketo Application Language

  • Yes, now you can view the Marketo Lead Management interface in your preferred language – now supporting Japanese (in addition to English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese)!

What were your favorite new features of 2014? Which new features do you see yourself using most in 2015?