AMP Emails vs. HTML: What Gets Higher Conversion Rates?
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AMP Emails vs. HTML: What Gets Higher Conversion Rates?

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels for any organization to grow. But marketers often face the challenge of actually converting leads into buyers through email marketing. To address this challenge, Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in 2015. AMP is an open-source framework that helps create fast and smooth-loading web pages that prioritize user experience. Then, again in 2019, Google publicly released AMP for Email on Gmail Web to allow users to include AMP components within emails.

What is AMP for email?

By integrating AMP in your email creation system, you open up the possibilities for interactivity in email design as it reflects your website browsing experience. AMP enables marketers to personalize emails using up-to-date information and creates an interactive environment to allow users to take action. Moreover, it aids email marketers in adopting website UX/UI design principles to build a better experience for their recipients. It allows interactive elements like dynamic data, APIs, carousels, and forms inserted into the email body.

Such interactive emails can convert a higher number of leads as compared to HTML emails. This is because HTML emails involve multiple steps and redirections for a user to complete the desired action. Thus, customers often lose interest before reaching the final stage of becoming a buyer. On the other hand, interactive emails cut down all such redirections by using forms within the email body.

Additional steps you need to take if you use HTML email

Since HTML is often associated with spam, you need to double-check your text-only emails and ensure that they do not get marked as spam. Business emails containing a long flow of words are sometimes automatically blocked by industries like finance, healthcare, and cybersecurity. To maintain deliverability, you need to format your text-only version with ample spacing and make strategic use of dashes or asterisks.

Benefits of using AMP emails

One of the best benefits of using AMP email is that it helps generate additional call-to-action options, like embedded forms. This is a very effective way to directly take your customers to the desired web page without visiting multiple web pages, which can increase your email conversion rates. But apart from that, here is a list of benefits of using AMP emails:

1. Increases interactivity

AMP emails enable users to take the next step in their journey right inside the email without opening another tab. This interactivity within the receivers’ inbox the user journey with fewer steps and fewer clicks than HTML emails. AMP emails streamline the user experience for prompt form submission, purchasing, and more.

2. Improves engagement

Interactive emails can bring higher engagement. AMP emails add more features to email content, such as carousels, calendars, CTAs, and carts that make the email more interesting to read, unlike the traditional HTML emails. Since interactive emails can shorten the user journey, they can prevent customers from losing interest.

3. Enhances user experience

AMP emails not only increase user engagement, but also the user experience. It aims to simplify the user journey by reducing friction. . With AMP emails, users don’t have to navigate multiple web pages outside of their inboxes before taking the desired action.

4. Provides real-time updates

By enabling dynamic data and API integrations in the email marketing system, marketers can update email data whenever needed. AMP emails offer a dynamic email marketing system that allows the email to be updated in real-time, unlike static HTML emails.

5. Offers security

HTML emails are not protected from cyber threats as they allow third-party inframe ads. This makes them more prone to security issues. AMP emails restrict the utilization of data as well as ads by third-party providers, securing emails from cyber threats. Moreover, by securing your emails from cyber threats, you can improve your deliverability rate and increase conversions.

If you are willing to gain a higher conversion rate, you should consider changing your static HTML emails to interactive AMP emails. Since emails have always been considered an indispensable marketing tool, it’s unsurprising that email is seeing numerous tech upgrades. AMP email looks like it may be the future of email marketing as it has already created a revolutionary change.