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5 Reasons Marketers Will Fall in Love with Marketo, Once Again!

Oops! Marketo did it once again as it recently broke the news of its ‘Winter 2016 Release Notes’ on February 5, 2016. With a host of improved and new features under its wing, Marketo will be sure to entice marketers especially who were wishing for new browser support, email clients, enhancements in mobile marketing and social media marketing, improved scheduling and many more advancements.

The 5 most prominent reasons why Marketo is geared to win and churn new consumers are –

1. ‘Head Start’ of Email Programs

With this new feature update, Marketo will enable users to select a specific time for any email program and process the email program, well in advance of before the stipulated time. Once users select their email program from ‘Marketing Activities’, they can simply access this new feature called ‘Head Start’ from the ‘Schedule’ tile. When this feature will be enabled, the email program will commence about 12 hours in advance. Users must remember that once the problem starts, it will be locked including the unsubscribing functionalities. Hence, users will need to tweak their unsubscribing feature because it will take one to two business days once the program is locked.

2. Better Mobile marketing

With this Winter 2016 Release Notes, Marketo will start offering improved mobile app integration benefits. Users can integrate their mobile apps to take advantage of sending push notifications to their mobile app consumers. For this, users need to access ‘Mobile Apps & Devices’ from ‘Admin’, assign a name to the new mobile app, and configure their mobile app, whether Android or iOS for push notifications.


One big improvement of Marketo Winter 2016 Release Notes is REST API which will enable users to use Program Objects for different assets including Smart Campaigns, Tokens, Forms, Emails, manage and measure statuses on lead lifecycles through Program Membership. The APIs will also come handy in getting statuses on multiple leads by program IDs. The asset types that get full access by REST APIs include Emails, Smart Lists, Forms, Tokens, and Push Notifications. The assets that are partially supported are Smart Campaigns, Static Lists and Email Programs.

4. Facebook Ads

Another major improvement presented by Marketo Winter 2016 Release Notes include Facebook Lead ads which will offer better opportunities to run lead generation ad campaigns through Facebook. This new improved Facebook integration with Marketo will enable users to capture Facebook lead ads and trigger new follow up actions and notifications based on the information provided by leads on Facebook fill out forms.

5. Marketo Custom objects

Marketo has rolled out anew enhancement which will allow marketers use custom objects to monitor their business-centric metrics, which will come handy in any kind of marketing campaigns whether that is focused in automobile industry or online training industry. This new feature update will allow users create custom objects in both ways – either in one-to-many structure or many-to-many structure or create an intermediary object.
Other noteworthy improvements Marketo heralded with this latest release notes include syncing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, anonymous filter, support for Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Outlook 2016, real-time modification of content of marketing campaigns and many more. Do these new set of improvements benefit in your marketing efforts – share what you want from Marketo platform.