Welcome to Marketo Engage MCA
Prep Training Program

Marketo Certified Associate And What It Covers

MCA is a part of the Marketo Certification Journey. In this course, you will learn about the exam format and the coaching sessions are geared towards following key topics. This course has been developed by highly experienced Marketo Certified Experts.
The program covers following deep dive sessions:

Day 1:

  • Module 1 – Welcome
  • Module 2 – Marketing Automation
  • Module 3 – Audience Targeting and Data Management
  • Module 4 – Email Marketing Fundamentals

Day 2:

  • Module 4 – Email Marketing Fundamentals
  • Module 5 – Landing Pages

Day 3:

  • Module 6 – Forms
  • Module 7 – Analytics and Reporting
  • Module 8 – Final Review

Duration: Six hours of instructor led sessions is required and 2 hours of self study is highly recommended.

Virtual Instructor Led Sessions: The coaching sessions take place for 3 consecutive days for 2 hours each day.

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Marketo has always recommended a person have at least three to six months worth of experience before taking the certification exam and introductory-level knowledge of marketing automation.
  • A minimum of 3 months (200-400+ hours) hands-on experience developing and implementing marketing programs using Marketo.
  • A combination of conceptual knowledge and understanding of the business context of marketing automation and hands-on experience using Marketo.
  • Participation in on-the-job-training, training within an academic program or through Marketo University

About the Speakers

Moni Oloyede

Marketing Operations Specialist


Moni is a Marketing Operations Specialist with nearly 15 years of Marketing Technology experience. She has worked with all the major marketing automation companies – Marketo Engage, Eloqua, HubSpot, and ExactTarget, both consulting and direct for B2B organizations. She has a proven track record in integrated marketing, especially with establishing digital presence through SEO/SEM, demand generation process, and website optimization. Moni is an award winner and presenter at both Marketo and Eloqua conferences in the past.


Barbara McDowell

Senior Marketing Automation Manager Marrina Decisions
Barbara is a veteran in the Marketing Automation space and has worked with B2B and B2C clients across many verticals including tech, financial, healthcare, higher ed as well as many more. As a 5-time Marketo Certified Expert and Marketo Certified Solution Architect, she has spent countless hours working hands-on in Marketo and training others.