Email Accessibility Services

Why do you need an email accessibility service?

A whopping 5 to 15 percent of the American population have dyslexia according to the Society for Neuroscience. Alongside this, around 13 percent of adults in America are visually or hearing impaired. Their dependency on assistive technology often places barriers in reaching them that emails need to avoid. That’s why you need an email accessibility service, to ensure that these staggering numbers of people are not missing your emails or missing key information in your emails. Moreover, good email accessibility will not only benefit visually or hearing impaired people but will improve overall usability for all users. So, how do you ensure your emails will be accessible to and usable by all your targeted users? Marrina Decisions will do that for you.


Benefits of Email Accessibility Services

Optimized for accessibility challenges

Our email accessibility services are designed to address all types of accessibility issues related to colors, font and typography, content accessibility, HTML and text versions, and more. We test color contrast to ensure the contrast is implemented in ways that will help your email users distinguish various parts in your emails. Additionally, our email accessibility services also cover quality audit procedures that can make sure your emails use easy-to-read fonts, paragraph and line spacing, and other readability design elements. By formatting your emails for all major clients and platforms used by your targeted audience, we can heighten the accessibility and functionalities of your emails.

Certified and experienced experts in email accessibility

Our email marketing professionals are certified, experienced, and skilled in all aspects of email accessibility and issues that prevent all forms of accessibility. We provide solutions for designing and developing emails that are more inclusive and usable for all types of users. Apart from our email accessibility services, our clients also benefit from our suggestions, guides, best practices, and training on the latest email marketing technologies to maximize their email delivery and campaign success.

Specialization in Email Marketing Automation, ESP and Email Operations

Our thorough specialization in all major email service providers (ESP), marketing automation, CRM and other marketing technologies will ensure your emails will function and perform as intended on all platforms and for all your subscribers, without any accessibility challenges. Our email marketing team consists of top-notch experts in email design, email development, email deployment, email QA, account management, and email writing. Once we take up the challenge, you can sit back and see a noticeable improvement in your email delivery, accessibility, and user experience. Need to know more about our specialties and benefits of our email accessibility services? Connect with us now!


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