Kelsey Shirley

Senior Marketing Manager

I Stand for Efficiency

Kelsey Shirley is a Senior Marketing Manager at Marrina Decisions. She loves her role because she is able to completely utilize her skill set, while also learning new things. She feels that the opportunity to work with many companies and organizations provides for an enriching work environment that she can endlessly grow in.

She is from Jacksonville, Florida and she lives in a quaint part of town called San Marco. She is very active within the community and she often participates in many events there. She enjoys riding her bike and reading in her spare time. She also loves animals, and has a cat and a dog named Frankfort (like Kentucky) and Macy. In college she was on the Equestrian Team and loves to ride horses when the opportunity presents itself.

If a genie grants her a wish, she would ask for the ability to pause time so that she can live longer and experience more things.